Awb Ned Express (17619) Time Table

( M T W T F S S)

Aurangabad (AWB) to Nanded (NED)

Awb Ned Express Train root details given below:

In Mins
In KMs
Aurangabad AWB 00:00:00 01:05:00 1 0
Jalna J 01:48:00 2m 01:50:00 1 62.7
Parbhani Jn PBN 04:23:00 2m 04:25:00 1 177.1
Purna Jn PAU 04:55:00 5m 05:00:00 1 205.6
Hazur Sahib Nanded NED 06:15:00 00:00:00 1 236

About Awb Ned Express

The train Awb Ned Express is also known as Awb Ned Express. Awb Ned Express runs between Aurangabad and Nanded Railway Station. It covers the distance of236 KM in 1 days. Total duration of the train from Aurangabad to Nanded Railway Station is 1 days. Awb Ned Express route covers Aurangabad(AWB), Jalna(J), Parbhani Jn(PBN), Purna Jn(PAU), Hazur Sahib Nanded(NED) Finally, it arrives at Nanded Railway Station.

Regarding Awb Ned Express timings, this train departs at 01:05:00 from the source station to arrive at the destination station at 06:15:00 .

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Awb Ned Express runs Aurangabad on a week ( M T W T F S S) . There are 5 stoppages between Aurangabad and Nanded Railway Station.

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From which station train 17619 Awb Ned Express spl starts from ?

Awb Ned Express(17619) starts from Aurangabad station.

What is the maximum halt time of 17619 Awb Ned Express spl and at Purna Jn which station ?

Awb Ned Express 17619's max halt time is 5m at source station

What is the distance covered by 17619 Awb Ned Express ?

Awb Ned Express coveres 236Km distance from Aurangabad to Nanded station.

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