Senior Citizen Quota In Indian Railway

Indian railway has provided 19 different types of quotas for passengers which are General, Ladies, Defense, Parliament, Tatkal, Premium Tatkal, Senior citizen, physically handicapped, etc. But sometimes even this kind of facility leaves you disappointed and you must be thinking what is the point of having a special quota for senior citizens. Now, what if … Read more

Private Trains In India

Tejas Train was the first private train that runs between Delhi to Lucknow. Its service is luxurious and provides quality service. The main motive of running private trains is to promote commercialization and provide employment. Indian railway also has announced the deployment of 151 Private Trains by March 2023. As India’s first private train, Tejas … Read more

Bedroll facility in IRCTC

Indian railway has started the bedroll facility in ac coaches. Bedrolls are packs that include blankets, pillows, and linens, among other things. Bedroll is a scheme that was started by Mr. Suresh Prabhu, the Union Minister of Indian Railways, on 07 Feb 2016. When this scheme was launched the bedroll facility was only available for … Read more

How to get duplicate train tickets

Have you lost your train ticket and now you are thinking about what should you do now. Well, the Indian railway has always been supportive of its passengers and that’s why it has come up with the solution if you have lost your train ticket.  Indian railway is the most active contributor to the country’s … Read more

Railway Zones and Divisions in The Country

The Indian Railways (IR) is organized into zones, which are subdivided into divisions, each with its own divisional headquarters. A Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) administers each division and reports to the zone’s General Manager (GM). So, in this blog, we will discuss zones and divisions of Indian Railways. 1. Northern Railway (NR) Northern Railways’ Zonal … Read more

How to claim IRCTC insurance?

Indian railway is offering insurance at less than 50 paise per train passenger. If you go to get something today in the market, what will you get for 50 paise? even the cheapest chocolate will cost you 1 RS. But IRCTC is offering you insurance at less than 50 paise per train passenger.  To claim … Read more

What is Anubhuti Class in Train

Anubhuti is a particular luxurious AC coach found in selected Indian Railways Shatabdi express trains. It’s an LHB coach manufactured at Modern Coach Factory, Rae Bareilly. Each coach has a seating capacity of 50 people and the cost to make a single coach is RS. 2.8cr. These coaches are equipped with aircraft like services. In … Read more