How to use an indian railway smart card

One of the most popular forms of transportation in India is Indian Railways. It is frequently travelled by many people, causing a heavy rush at train stations, ticket booths, and trains. Indian Railways introduced smart cards so that rail customers could purchase unreserved train tickets from ATVMs (Automatic Ticket Vending Machines), touchscreen ticketing kiosks, in an effort to eliminate customer lines at ticket counters.
A metro or ATM card can be compared to the smart card. It has a microprocessor and can be recharged. Rail passengers must insert their smart cards into the designated locations on the passenger-operated kiosk and choose where they wish to disembark from the train. The necessary ticket is issued and the relevant ticket fee is automatically deducted from the card. The purchase of a train ticket is an alternative. UTS ticket booking is a different way to purchase tickets online.

How to use this service:-

  1. The first step is to register on the website for the rail service.
  2. Select “Smart Card Recharge” from the menu’s options.4
  3. All digital payment methods, including Credit Cards, Debit Cards, UPI, Internet Banking, etc., are available.
  4. Following confirmation of the payment, funds will be deducted and travelers will be instructed to visit the ATVM of the relevant zone within 15 days or until their card expires, whichever comes first.
  5. After the passenger picks the “Recharge Smart Card” option and places the smart card on the ATVM reader, the smart card will be topped up with the amount of the online recharge.

How to Obtain a Smart Card for Indian Railways ?

The ATVM is a fantastic way for frequent passengers to purchase tickets. The SMS-enabled UTS counters at railway stations are where you may obtain an Indian Railways Smart Card. You can buy smart cards and recharge them at any suburban station, including Mumbai Suburban and Kolkata Suburban, either online or at the ticket counters. You must supply your first and last names, address, email address, and phone number in order to purchase a smart card. The ATVM card only costs Rs. 70, which contains Rs. 50 in refundable credit and Rs. 20 in recharge value.

How to Online Recharge a Smart Card ?

  • Log in by going to the official website, Use your name, mobile number, and ID card to register if you are a new user.
  • After logging in successfully, select “Smart Card Recharge” from the menu.
  • Your Indian Railway smart card will have a special 9-digit number on it. On the webpage, enter the number.
  • Enter your recharge amount and pay for it online using any digital payment method, including UPI, Net Banking, credit or debit cards, and UPI.
  • Visit any ATVM kiosk within the same Railway zone to finish the recharge after a successful payment.
  • To recharge a smart card, insert it into the ATVM machine’s reader, select the smart card recharge option, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

ATVM Smart Card Features:-

  • A 9-digit number is stored on the front of the Indian Railway Smart Card. The card’s first two digits represent the Railway Zone.
  • After a year has passed since your previous recharge, the ATVM smart card expires.
  • You can recharge your ATVM smart card online.
  • The minimum recharge amount for a railway smart card is Rs. 20, or any significant multiple of 50, and the maximum recharge amount is Rs. 9500.
  • Your Indian railway smart card can have a maximum balance of RS 9975.
  • The cancellation fee for smart cards is Rs. 30.
  • Your ATVM card can be returned to Smart Card Nominated Counters (SMC) within the set time frames.
  • Service Fees are applied to ATVM recharges in accordance with the rules.

Benefits of ATVM Smart Cards:-

The “Railway Ticketing Smart Card,” also known as the “Indian Railway Smart Card,” provides a number of advantages, including:

  • Simple Recharge: Smart cards do not require carrying cash or paper tickets. On the Utsonmobile website or a counter with a Smart Card reader, you can recharge your ATVM smart card. The ATVM card allows you to top off your balance for a minimum amount, such as Rs. 20 or any multiples of Rs. 50.

A smart card speeds up the ticketing procedure because rail customers no longer have to reserve tickets ahead of time or wait in huge lines.

  • Cashless Payment: The smart card makes it possible to purchase train tickets without using cash, which is a more secure and effective method of doing so.
  • Discounts: Smart card owners are entitled to savings and exclusive deals on train tickets. On each smart card recharge, rail travelers can receive an additional 3%.
  • Simple tracking: The smart card stores the travel history and enables the user to easily trace their travels.

The ATVM smart card can be used for a variety of purposes, including the purchase of first- and second-class, single, return, and platform tickets. Additionally, you can renew season tickets for both adults and kids.

Train Ticket Purchase Using an ATVM Smart Card

  • Place the smart card on the card reader at the ATVM kiosk.
  • Like an ATM, choose your favourite language. On the touch-screen, select the destination station and the total number of passengers (adult and kid).
  • After deducting the necessary money from the balance on the Smart Card, the ATVM will subsequently issue the required ticket.
  • If the money is taken from the smart card and the ticket is not provided by the ATVM, the amount will be retopped.
  • A Free EFT (Extra Fare Ticket) will be granted if there are printing problems or failures.
  • An unreserved ticket created by the ATVM is convenient for travel. Its worth is comparable to that of a counter ticket.


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