Complete Information about Indian Railway Station Name and Station Code List

The station name identifies the city or railroad station that belongs to Indian Railways. The shortcut code to specify the station name is specified by the railway station short code. All online rail enquiries use this format, as does the IRCTC ticket booking procedure. As a result, we are here to provide a simple table formatted list of all Indian Railway Station Names and Station Codes.

Indian Railways is proud of its extensive network of rail lines that link the country's most remote regions. The fact that the list of Indian Railway stations is not only lengthy but also rather overwhelming should not come as a surprise.

Whether you are an experienced passenger or a novice, you are likely to be confounded when determining which train station would be ideal to board and disembark from during your trip. Even while the Indian Railways Enquiry is always available to assist, if you are not familiar with station codes, etc., it can occasionally put you in a pickle.

Station code. Station name Location Trains passing through
GZM Gour Malda Gour Malda
GDO Goverdhan Goverdhan
GVG Govindgarh Govindgarh 13
GND Govindgarh Malk Govindgarh Malk 6
GVMR Govindi Marwar Govindi Marwar
GBX Govindpur Road Govindpur Road 2
GOV Govindpuri Govindpuri 6
GOY Govindpuri Govindpuri 8
GWV Gowdavalli Gowdavalli 2
GBB Gubbi Gubbi
GDPT Gudaparti Gudaparti 1
GDI Gudgeri Gudgeri
GA Gudha Gudha
GMA Gudimetta Gudimetta
GDV Gudivada Junction Gudivada Junction 18
GYM Gudiyattam Gudiyattam 4
GVL Gudlavalleru Gudlavalleru 4
GDM Gudma Gudma
GDU Gudru Halt Gudru Halt
GDP Gudupulli Gudupulli
GDR Gudur Junction Gudur Junction 93
GJD Gujhandi Gujhandi 4
GLG Gulabhganj Gulabhganj 6
GBP Gulabpura Gulabpura 2
GLH Gulaothi Gulaothi 3
GR Gulbarga Gulbarga 38
GUH Guldhar Guldhar 1
GED Guledagudda Road Guledagudda Road
GGD Gullaguda Gullaguda
GLU Gullipadu Gullipadu
GZH Gulzarbagh Gulzarbagh 7
GMDA Gumada Gumada 1
GMAN Gumani Gumani
GMIA Gumia Gumia 5
GMM Gumman Gumman 1
GPD Gummidipundi Gummidipundi 2
GTF Gumthal Gumthal
GMTO Gumto Gumto
GUNA Guna Guna 14
GALA Gunadala Gunadala 1
GKM Gundalukamma Gundalukamma
GDZ Gundardehi Gundardehi
GVB Guneru Bamori Guneru Bamori
GTL Guntakal Junction Guntakal Junction 56
GNT Guntur Junction Guntur Junction 30
GPAE Guptipara Guptipara
GRMT Gur Market Gur Market
GMD Guramkhedi Guramkhedi 2
GRRU Guraru Guraru 13
GSP Gurdaspur Gurdaspur 5
GGN Gurgaon Gurgaon 20
GUX Gurhi Gurhi
GRI Guriya Guriya
GQL Gurla Gurla 4
GRN Gurnay Gurnay
GAP Gurpa Gurpa 2
GRO Gurra Gurra 2
GHJ Gursahaiganj Gursahaiganj 2
GSW Gursar Shnewala Gursar Shnewala
GHS Guru Harsahai Guru Harsahai
GUV Guruvayur Guruvayur 2
GKH Guskara Guskara 14
GHY Guwahati Guwahati 58
GRG Guwarighat Guwarighat
GWL Gwalior Gwalior 104
GYN Gyanpur Road Gyanpur Road 22
NZM H Nizamuddin New Delhi 132
HWX Habaipur Habaipur
HBJ Habibganj Habibganj 52
HBW Habibwala Habibwala
HDP Hadapsar Hadapsar
HDD Haddinagundu Haddinagundu
HRM Hadmadiya Hadmadiya 1
HM Hadmatiya Junction Hadmatiya Junction
HYL Hadyal Hadyal
HFZ Hafizpeta Hafizpeta
HZR Hafizpur Hafizpur 2
HFG Haflong Hill Haflong Hill 4
HGI Hagari Hagari
HYT Haiaghat Haiaghat 8
HDN Haidarnagar Haidarnagar 7
HGH Haidergarh Haidergarh 6
HJP Hajipur Junction Hajipur Junction 66
HKP Hakimpur Hakimpur
HLKT Halakatta Halakatta
HLDR Haldaur Haldaur 6
HLDD Haldi Road Haldi Road 6
HLZ Haldia Haldia
HDB Haldibari Haldibari 2
HIP Haldipada Haldipada
HDW Haldwani Haldwani 8
HLR Halisahar Halisahar
HVD Halvad Halvad 6
HMRR Hamarapur Hamarapur
HMR Hamira Hamira 2
HMG Hamirgarh Hamirgarh 2
HAR Hamirpur Road Hamirpur Road 2
HOJ Hamitonganj Hamitonganj
HVM Hamsavaram Hamsavaram
HNK Hanakere Hanakere
HDK Handia Khas Handia Khas 2
HNS Hansi Hansi 2
HSWS Hansiawas Hansiawas 1
HNMN Hanuman Station Hanuman Station
HMH Hanumangarh Junction Hanumangarh Junction 11
HMO Hanumangarhtown Hanumangarhtown 3
HWT Hanwant Hanwant
HAPA Hapa Hapa 26
HPU Hapur Hapur 43
HJO Harangajao Harangajao 4
HGL Harangul Harangul
HKH Haranya Kheri Haranya Kheri
HRN Harauni Harauni 2
HCP Harchandpur Harchandpur 9
HD Harda Harda 39
HDE Hardas Bigha Hardas Bigha 2
HDT Hardattpur Hardattpur 1
HRI Hardoi Hardoi 51
HDU Hardua Hardua 2
HA Hargaon Hargaon 2
HCNR Harichandanpur Harichandanpur
HW Haridwar Junction Haridwar 46
HRR Harihar Harihar 22
HIR Harinagar Harinagar 6
HAD Harippad Harippad 18
HP Haripur Haripur 2
HCR Harischandrpur Harischandrpur 10
HSK Harishanker Road Harishanker Road 9
HKL Harkia Khal Harkia Khal
HMY Harmuti Harmuti 2
HRT Harnaut Harnaut 5
HRPG Harpalganj Harpalganj 4
HPP Harpalpur Harpalpur 12
HRV Harrad Harrad 3
HRW Harrawala Harrawala 1
HRB Harri Harri 4
HSI Harsauli Harsauli 2
HRD Harsud Harsud 3
HRH Harthala Harthala
HSP Hasanparthi Road Hasanparthi Road 1
HPO Hasanpur Road Hasanpur Road
HSA Hasimara Hasimara 8
HAS Hassan Hassan 6
HN Hathbandh Hathbandh 2
HTZ Hathidah Junction Hathidah Junction 33
HTZU Hathidah Upper Hathidah Upper
HTC Hathras City Hathras City 6
HRS Hathras Junction Hathras Junction 20
HTJ Hathras Road Hathras Road 6
HAT Hathuran Hathuran
HTE Hatia Hatia 26
HTL Hatikhali Hatikhali 2
HTK Hatkanagale Hatkanagale 9
HPLE Hatpuraini Hatpuraini 2
HVR Haveri Haveri 26
HZD Hazaribagh Road Hazaribagh Road 18
HBLN Hbl Nagar Hbl Nagar
HEB Hebbal Hebbal
HJL Hejjala Hejjala
HML Helem Helem 2
HGR Hemagiri Hemagiri
HER Her Her
HIJ Hijilli Hijilli
HLX Hilara Hilara 2
HLG Hilligrove Hilligrove 2
HIL Hilsa Hilsa 2
HEM Himayatnagar Himayatnagar
HMI Himmatana Himmatana
HMT Himmatnagar Himmatnagar 2
HNM Hinautaramban Hinautaramban
HAN Hindaun City Hindaun City 15
HUP Hindupur Hindupur 31
HGT Hinganghat Hinganghat 24
HNL Hingoli Deccan Hingoli Deccan
HRNR Hira Nagar Hira Nagar 10
HKG Hirakud Hirakud 8
HRG Hirdagarh Hirdagarh 1
HQR Hirenanduru Hirenanduru
HDA Hirnoda Hirnoda 2
HSR Hisar Hisar 8
HDL Hodal Hodal 3
HJI Hojai Hojai 14
HOL Hol Hol
HLK Holalkere Holalkere
HUK Holambi Kalan Holambi Kalan
HLAR Hole Alur Hole Alur
HLN Hole Narsipur Hole Narsipur 4
HBL Hombal Hombal
HNA Honnavar Honnavar 9
HYG Hooghly Ghat Hooghly Ghat
HSD Hosdurga Road Hosdurga Road
HBD Hoshangabad Hoshangabad 36
HSX Hoshiarpur Hoshiarpur
HPT Hospet Junction Hospet 13
HSRA Hosur Hosur 12
HG Hotgi Hotgi 7
HBG Howbadh Jablpur Howbadh Jablpur
HWH Howrah Junction Kolkata 147
UBL Hubli Junction Hubli Junction 45
HHD Hunsihadgil Hunsihadgil
HYB Hyderabad Decan Hyderabad 23
IB Ib Ib
IMR Ibrahimpur Ibrahimpur
ICL Ichauli Ichauli 2
IPM Ichchpuram Ichchpuram 14
IP Ichhapur Ichhapur
IPL Idaplli Idaplli 5
IDH Idgah Agra Junction Agra 10
IGP Igatpuri Igatpuri 73
IKK Ikkar Ikkar 1
IKR Iklehra Iklehra 1
INP Indapur Indapur
IAA Indara Junction Indara Junction 15
IDGH Indargarh Indargarh
IDG Indargarh Indargarh 12
IDR Indi Road Indi Road 2
INDB Indore Junction Bg Indore 34
INDM Indore Jn Mg Indore Jn Mg
IBL Indrabil Indrabil
IPPM Ipurupalem Ipurupalem 1
IQG Iqbal Gadh Iqbal Gadh
IQB Iqbalpur Iqbalpur 1
IRP Iravipuram Iravipuram
IJK Irinjalakuda Irinjalakuda 30
IGU Irugur Irugur
EN Isand Isand
ISA Isarda Isarda 4
ISH Isarwara Isarwara 2
IPR Islampur Islampur 2
ISM Ismaila Haryana Ismaila Haryana 1
IMGE Ismailpur Ismailpur
ET Itarsi Junction Itarsi Junction 164
ITA Itola Itola 2
ITR Itwari Itwari 5
IZN Izzatnagar Izzatnagar 6
JBP Jabalpur Jabalpur 94
JBL Jabli Jabli 2
JBX Jabri Jabri
JCL Jadcherla Jadcherla 10
JUD Jagadhri Yamunanagar 41
JUDW Jagadhri Wshop Jagadhri Wshop 18
JGD Jagadishpur Jagadishpur 1
JTB Jagatbela Jagatbela 3
JDB Jagdalpur Jagdalpur 2
JDL Jagdevwala Jagdevwala
JGJ Jagesharganj Jagesharganj 3
JID Jagi Road Jagi Road 8
JGN Jagraon Jagraon 2
JDN Jagudan Jagudan
JYM Jai Samand Road Jai Samand Road 2
JP Jaipur Jaipur 86
JRMG Jairamnagar Jairamnagar 1
JAIS Jais Jais 10
JSM Jaisalmer Jaisalmer 8
JTI Jaithari Jaithari 4
JTU Jaitipur Jaitipur 2
JES Jaitsar Jaitsar
JTW Jaitwar Jaitwar 10
JWL Jajiwal Jajiwal
JJKR Jajpur K Road Jajpur K Road 47
JHL Jakhal Junction Jakhal Junction 22
JKB Jakhalabandha Jakhalabandha
JLN Jakhalaun Jakhalaun
JKN Jakhanian Jakhanian 5
JKPR Jakhapura Jakhapura
JHN Jakhim Jakhim 7
JKA Jakhvada Jakhvada 2
JLL Jalalganj Jalalganj 12
JPD Jalalpur Dhai Jalalpur Dhai 1
JM Jalamb Junction Jalamb Junction 10
JRC Jalandhar Cant Jalandhar 72
JUC Jalandhar City Jalandhar 63
JAG Jalargarh Jalargarh
JLS Jalesar Road Jalesar Road 5
JER Jaleswar Jaleswar 14
JL Jalgaon Junction Jalgaon 76
JNRI Jalindri Jalindri
JALD Jaliya Devani Jaliya Devani 1
JBD Jallalabd Jallalabd
J Jalna Jalna 20
JOR Jalor Jalor
JPG Jalpaiguri Jalpaiguri 3
JPE Jalpaiguri Road Jalpaiguri Road 14
JAC Jalsu Jalsu
JACN Jalsu Nanak Jalsu Nanak
JDH Jam Jodhpur Junction Jam Jodhpur Junction
WTJ Jam Wanthali Jam Wanthali 2
JAMA Jama Jama
JMP Jamalpur Junction Jamalpur 32
JMV Jambara Jambara 1
JMD Jamdha Jamdha 1
JMG Jamga Jamga
JMKT Jamikunta Jamikunta 14
JMQ Jamirghata Jamirghata
JAT Jammu Tawi Jammu 55
JAM Jamnagar Jamnagar 26
JMS Jamsar Jamsar 1
JMT Jamtara Jamtara 16
JMU Jamui Jamui 31
JMK Jamunamukh Jamunamukh 2
JMKL Jamunia Kalan Jamunia Kalan
JNR Janakpur Road Janakpur Road
JNL Jandiala Jandiala 9
JAQ Jandrapeta Jandrapeta 1
ZN Jangaon Jangaon 19
JNH Janghai Junction Janghai Junction 18
JRLE Jangipur Road Jangipur Road 10
JKM Jankampet Junction Jankampet Junction
JOA Janwal Janwal 2
JAO Jaora Jaora 2
JPL Japla Japla 7
JRA Jaraikela Jaraikela 1
JSV Jarandeshwar Jarandeshwar 3
JAN Jarangdih Jarangdih 1
JRJ Jargaon Jargaon
JRLI Jaroli Jaroli
JRT Jarti Jarti 2
JLD Jarwal Road Jarwal Road 15
JSME Jasidih Junction Jasidih Junction 64
JSR Jasra Jasra 3
JSH Jaswantgarh Jaswantgarh 1
JGR Jaswantnagar Jaswantnagar 4
JTRD Jath Road Jath Road
JTG Jatinga Jatinga 4
JGLP Jatinga Lumpur Jatinga Lumpur
JTR Jatkanhar Jatkanhar
JTS Jatusana Jatusana
JW Jatwara Jatwara
JOP Jaunpur City Jaunpur 16
JNU Jaunpur Junction Jaunpur Junction 20
JWO Jawad Road Jawad Road
JWNR Jawaharnagar Jawaharnagar
JWHR Jawaharnagar Jawaharnagar
JWB Jawai Bandh Jawai Bandh 12
JAL Jawali Jawali 2
JSP Jayasingpur Jayasingpur 9
JYG Jaynagar Jaynagar 2
JHD Jehanabad Jehanabad 11
JJR Jejuri Jejuri 7
JONR Jeonara Ph Jeonara Ph
JEP Jeonathpur Jeonathpur 2
JRK Jeruwa Khera Jeruwa Khera 4
JLR Jetalsar Junction Jetalsar Junction 6
JTY Jethi Jethi
JEUR Jeur Jeur 7
JYP Jeypore Jeypore 2
JBK Jgmbla Kshnprm Jgmbla Kshnprm
JAJ Jhajha Jhajha 62
JHW Jhalawar Road Jhalawar Road 10
JAA Jhalida Jhalida 12
JLW Jhalwara Jhalwara 4
JHS Jhansi Junction Jhansi Junction 145
JPH Jhantipahari Jhantipahari 4
JTL Jhapater Dhal Jhapater Dhal
JGM Jhargram Jhargram 12
JRI Jharia Jharia 1
JRL Jharili Jharili
JKNI Jharkhandi Jharkhandi
JDI Jharradih Jharradih
JSG Jharsuguda Junction Jharsuguda Junction 39
JLY Jhilmili Jhilmili
JHMR Jhimri Jhimri 2
JHG Jhingura Jhingura 2
JJK Jhinjhak Jhinjhak 13
JHIR Jhir Jhir
JUL Jhulasan Jhulasan
JJN Jhunjhunun Jhunjhunun 2
JUP Jhunpa Jhunpa 2
JJG Jiaganj Jiaganj 2
JIA Jigna Jigna 2
JMPT Jimidipeta Jimidipeta 1
JIND Jind Junction Jind Junction 20
JNTR Jinti Road Jinti Road
ZRDE Jiradei Jiradei
ZRD Jiradei Jiradei 2
JRNA Jirania Jirania
JIT Jirat Jirat
JRWN Jirwan Jirwan
JKZ Jitakheri Jitakheri
JITE Jite Jite
JPM Jiyapuram Jiyapuram 1
JPS Jmlpr Shaikhan Jmlpr Shaikhan
JPV Jmtra Paraswara Jmtra Paraswara
JO Jo Jagabor Jo Jagabor
JU Jodhpur Junction Jodhpur 41
JOL Jogal Jogal
JBN Jogbani Jogbani
JGNR Jogendranagar Jogendranagar
JOM Jogi Magra Jogi Magra
JPZ Jogighopa Jogighopa
JTJ Jolarpettai Jolarpettai 91
JON Jonha Jonha 1
JOQ Jorai Jorai
JRW Joramow Joramow
JRS Joravasan Joravasan
JVN Jorawarnagar Junction Jorawarnagar Junction 2
JTTN Jorhat Town Jorhat Town 2
JOC Joychandi Pahar Joychandi Pahar 8
JRR Jugaur Jugaur 1
JGJN Jugijan Jugijan
JRG Jugpura Jugpura
JUJA Jujumura Jujumura
JKE Jukehi Jukehi 4
JNA Julana Julana 7
JND Junagadh Junction Junagadh Junction 8
JBG Jung Bahadurgnj Jung Bahadurgnj
JNO Junnor Deo Junnor Deo 1
JTO Jutogh Jutogh 4
JWP Jwalapur Jwalapur 13
KBPR Kabakaputtur Kabakaputtur
KCG Kacheguda Hyderabad 21
KWN Kachewani Kachewani
KCO Kachhia Bridge Kachhia Bridge 1
KCNR Kachnara Road Kachnara Road
KOX Kachujor Kachujor
KVU Kadakavur Kadakavur 14
KDO Kadakola Kadakola
KN Kadalundi Kadalundi 2
KDU Kadambur Kadambur 8
KVDU Kadavakuduru Kadavakuduru 1
KDNL Kadaynallur Kadaynallur 2
KDTN Kadethan Kadethan
KDQ Kadipur Kadipur
KRY Kadiri Kadiri
KYM Kadiyan Kadiyan 2
DRU Kadur Kadur 12
KFPR Kafurpur Kafurpur
CLG Kahalgaon Kahalgaon 20
KRAI Kahet Kahet
KH Kahiliya Kahiliya 2
KIV Kaialsa Kaialsa
KKLR Kaikolur Kaikolur 14
KKRM Kaikoram Kaikoram 1
KYT Kailahat Kailahat 3
KLPM Kailasapuram Kailasapuram 2
KMA Kaima Kaima
KMJ Kaimganj Kaimganj
KAI Kairla Kairla
KLE Kaithal Kaithal
KTCH Kaithalkuchi Kaithalkuchi
KJ Kajgaon Kajgaon
KJME Kajoragram Kajoragram
KJH Kajra Kajra 20
KYF Kajrat Nawadih Kajrat Nawadih
KAPE Kakapora Kakapora
KKHT Kakarghatti Kakarghatti
COA Kakinada Port Kakinada Port 5
CCT Kakinada Town Kakinada Town 11
KKGM Kakirigumma Kakirigumma 2
KKLU Kaklur Kaklur 2
KKJ Kakori Kakori 3
KQE Kala Akhar Kala Akhar
KQI Kalachand Kalachand 2
KDHI Kaladehi Kaladehi
KMRD Kalamb Road Kalamb Road
KLMC Kalamboli Kalamboli
KLMG Kalamboli Kalamboli
KAV Kalamna Kalamna
KALN Kalana Kalana 1
KLNK Kalanaur Kalan Kalanaur Kalan 3
KNL Kalanwali Kalanwali 2
KPP Kalapipal Kalapipal 10
KLDI Kaldhari Kaldhari
KCP Kalgupur Kalgupur
KAH Kalhar Kalhar 4
KSH Kali Sindh Kali Sindh 7
KXE Kalian Chak Kalian Chak
KAP Kalianpur Kanpur 2
KLNP Kalinarynpur Junction Kalinarynpur Junction
KPK Kalipahari Kalipahari
KAJ Kaliyanganj Kaliyanganj 2
KLK Kalka Kalka 19
KKD Kalkund Kalkund
KKPM Kallakkudi Plgh Kallakkudi Plgh 2
KAL Kallal Kallal
KGD Kalligudi Kalligudi 2
KCI Kallkiri Kallkiri
KLU Kalluru Kalluru 4
KSWR Kalmeshwar Kalmeshwar
KLTR Kalmitar Kalmitar 3
KLL Kalol Kalol 6
KPI Kalpi Kalpi 8
KVS Kalsur Kalsur
KLG Kalunga Kalunga 2
KAPG Kalupara Ghat Kalupara Ghat 10
KYN Kalyan Junction Mumbai 155
KYI Kalyani Kalyani
KPRD Kalyanpur Road Kalyanpur Road 2
KYQ Kamakhya Kamakhya 41
KAMG Kamakhyaguri Kamakhyaguri 2
KKM Kamalapuram Kamalapuram 9
KLJ Kamalganj Kamalganj 2
KMNR Kamalnagar Kamalnagar 2
KLPG Kamalpurgram Kamalpurgram 2
KMLR Kamalur Kamalur 2
KXL Kamarbandha Ali Kamarbandha Ali
KMC Kamareddi Kamareddi 9
KQU Kamarkundu Kamarkundu 2
KSM Kamasamudram Kamasamudram
KMAH Kamathe Kamathe

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Railway Station Name and Short Code

Knowing the Station Short Code is necessary to speed up the IRCTC ticket booking process. IRCTC constantly asks "From Station or To Station," as shown in the picture. When you are certain of the Station Code you want to go to, you can save a lot of time. If you are certain of the station code, simply enter it in place of the station name in its entirety. With this method, we can book an IRCTC ticket online much more quickly. The following graph displays the most recent station codes and names over all of India.

How to find the Station Code or Station Name on the Chart Provided?

With the station name or station code that you want to search, input it in the following table. Additionally, you can filter the records according to your interests.

Why would you need a station list if the railway enquiry can provide you with the information you need?

  • Busiest Enquiry System :- No doubt, the railway enquiry system is a terrific technique to get a good view of the ideal train and the stops. Busy Enquiry System: But because so many people use this system every day, you might have to wait an eternity for your turn. On the other hand, you may easily get the answers to your questions without requesting any assistance if you have a list of Indian railway stations with you.
  • Information about stations and Nearby Popular Places :- Chances are high that you are unfamiliar with every station in India, whether you are an Indian citizen or an international tourist. A station list gives you a glimpse into different Indian stations and the trains that go to and from these locations in addition to being a tool for online station code inquiries.
  • Recognizing the Station :-  The Indian railway system covers the entire nation. As a result, India has far more railway stations than you could ever conceive. In such a situation, it could be difficult for you to pinpoint the precise trains that pass through the station, unless you are going to make your travel through some particularly essential stations. However, choosing the trains that run through a specific station is simple when crossing a station list.
  • Find Station Code :-  If you're planning to purchase a train ticket online, you must be aware of both your starting station's station code and your final destination's station code. The station list makes it simple to locate the codes for any railway station. Thus, utilizing it will undoubtedly make the process of booking tickets simpler.

By using nexgenirctc.co.in,You can get all the information about train numbers and station codes with the help of its station list, which is comparable to that of the Indian Railways list. It includes a list of all the trains, their train numbers, and the beginning and finishing points for each. You will be taken to a page with details on all the Indian railway stations this train will pass through, along with the station codes, if you click on the train's name.

Along with information on the distance between stations and the length of the journey, you will also receive information on the time of arrival and departure from each station. Additionally, when you click on the name of any station on the train list, a page with all the station's details will open. You will learn about all the trains that depart from or pass through this station, their train numbers, and the days that they run.

The station list created by nexgenirctc.co.in undoubtedly makes it easier to plan a trip because all railway station codes and other crucial information are available with only a click. So, the next time you need to plan a train trip, use nexgenirctc.co.in and its list of stops to make it more convenient and enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):-

1. Where can I find the station code on the station list?

On the station list, the name of each station is listed with the station code in brackets.

2. When will the station list be particularly useful for me?

You would need this list to know the specifics of trains that pass by a local station if you planned to board or depart there.

3. Can I get the train route of a train from the station list?

Yes, you can discover the names of all the trains that begin, pass through, or end at a specific station on a list of stations. You may view the train's route by clicking on the train's name.

4. How can I find the names of the trains that pass through/start/are destined to a particular station?

Click on the name of the station of your preference on the nexgenirctc.co.in created station list. You will be taken to a page with a list of all the trains that begin at, pass through, or end at that station.

5. Why will I need the nexgenirctc.co.in station list?

  • To get the details of all the stations that a train passes through.
  • To check the trains that start from a particular station.
  • To get the train number of the trains starting/passing through a particular station.
  • To get an idea of the trains that are headed to a particular station.