Complete Information about Indian Railway Station Name and Station Code List

The station name identifies the city or railroad station that belongs to Indian Railways. The shortcut code to specify the station name is specified by the railway station short code. All online rail enquiries use this format, as does the IRCTC ticket booking procedure. As a result, we are here to provide a simple table formatted list of all Indian Railway Station Names and Station Codes.

Indian Railways is proud of its extensive network of rail lines that link the country's most remote regions. The fact that the list of Indian Railway stations is not only lengthy but also rather overwhelming should not come as a surprise.

Whether you are an experienced passenger or a novice, you are likely to be confounded when determining which train station would be ideal to board and disembark from during your trip. Even while the Indian Railways Enquiry is always available to assist, if you are not familiar with station codes, etc., it can occasionally put you in a pickle.

Station code. Station name Location Trains passing through
DBV Dabilpur Dabilpur
DBKA Dabka Dabka
DBLA Dabla Dabla 3
DBI Dabli Rathan Dabli Rathan
DPF Dabpal Dabpal 2
DBF Dabpal Dabpal
DBA Dabra Dabra 29
DUB Dabtara Dabtara 2
DR Dadar Mumbai 79
DDR Dadar Mumbai 15
DPH Dadhapara Dadhapara
DDV Dadhdevi Dadhdevi
DPX Dadpur Dadpur
DER Dadri Dadri 3
DRHI Dagarhkeri Dagarhkeri 1
DAO Daghora Daghora
DAP Dagmagpur Dagmagpur 2
DGS Dagori Dagori
DRD Dahanu Road Mumbai 24
DKBJ Dahar Ka Balaji Dahar Ka Balaji 7
DHD Dahod Dahod 27
DKNT Dakaniya Talav Dakaniya Talav 6
DAKE Dakhineswar Dakhineswar 11
DL Daladi Daladi 2
DLD Dalauda Dalauda
DVM Dalbhumgarh Dalbhumgarh
DLQ Dalelnagar Dalelnagar 2
DLO Dalgaon Dalgaon 8
DAL Daliganj Daliganj 2
DLK Dalkolha Dalkolha 20
DRZ Dalli Rajhara Dalli Rajhara
DMW Dalmau Junction Dalmau Junction 2
DLC Dalmera Dalmera
DLP Dalpatpur Dalpatpur
DSS Dalsingh Sarai Dalsingh Sarai 27
DTO Daltonganj Daltonganj 20
DMNJ Damanjodi Damanjodi 4
DCA Damchara Damchara 2
DMO Damoh Damoh 26
DNR Danapur Danapur 69
DPL Danauli Phlwria Danauli Phlwria
DND Dandupur Dandupur 4
DNEA Danea Danea 1
DNW Dangarwa Dangarwa
DPS Dangoaposi Dangoaposi 2
DSPT Danishpet Danishpet
DNWH Daniyawan Bzr H Daniyawan Bzr H 2
DKDE Dankaur Dankaur
DKAE Dankuni Dankuni
DNT Dantan Dantan 2
DWZ Dantewara Dantewara 2
DTRA Dantra Dantra
DAR Danwar Danwar
DJA Daotuhaja Daotuhaja 2
DAPD Dapodi Dapodi
DHPR Dappar Dappar 3
DARA Dara Dara 2
DBG Darbhanga Junction Darbhanga Junction 22
DKS Darekasa Darekasa
DJ Darjeeling Darjeeling 4
DPC Darliput Darliput 1
DTL Darritola Darritola 2
DYD Daryabad Daryabad 14
DRTP Dasharathpur Dasharathpur 2
DS Dasna Dasna 1
DZA Dasuya Dasuya 23
DAA Datia Datia 26
DDP Daudpur Daudpur 2
DLB Daulatabad Daulatabad 2
DLPH Daulatpur Hat Daulatpur Hat 1
DD Daund Junction Daund Junction 66
DOZ Daurai Daurai
DRLA Daurala Daurala 1
DMH Dauram Madhpura Dauram Madhpura
DO Dausa Dausa 21
DSNI Dausni Dausni
DVG Davangere Davangere 28
DLPR Dayalpur Dayalpur 2
DYE Dayanand Nagar Dayanand Nagar
DEB Debagram Debagram
DRB Debari Debari
DEEG Deeg Deeg
DNA Degana Junction Degana Junction 19
DDN Dehradun Dehradun 32
DOS Dehri On Sone Dehri On Sone 45
DEHR Dehu Road Dehu Road 2
DKGN Dekargaon Dekargaon
DEG Delang Delang 2
DLI Delhi New Delhi 94
DEC Delhi Cantt New Delhi 28
DKZ Delhi Kishangnj New Delhi 21
DEE Delhi S Rohilla New Delhi 19
DSJ Delhi Safdarjng New Delhi 2
DSA Delhi Shahdara New Delhi 17
DEL Denduluru Denduluru 1
DBD Deoband Deoband 22
DGHR Deoghar Deoghar
DJHR Deojhar Deojhar
DOE Deori Deori 4
DEOS Deoria Sadar Deoria Sadar 43
DOTL Deotala Deotala 1
DPUR Depur Ph Depur Ph
DRL Derol Derol 8
DRWN Derowan P. H. Derowan P. H.
DES Desari Desari 9
DSPN Deshapran P.H. Deshapran P.H.
DSO Deshnok Deshnok 11
DSL Deswal Deswal
DKO Devakottai Road Devakottai Road
DAV Devalgaon Auchr Devalgaon Auchr
DKN Devangonthi Devangonthi 1
DPE Devarapalli Devarapalli
DAD Devargudda Devargudda
DBEC Devbaloda Chrda Devbaloda Chrda 3
DVH Devi Halt Devi Halt
DVL Devlali Devlali 32
DPZ Devpura Devpura
DRPH Devri Ph Devri Ph
DWG Dewanganj Dewanganj 2
DWX Dewas Dewas 34
DABN Dhaban Dhaban 4
DHCA Dhaca Cantt Dhaca Cantt
DAKA Dhaka Dhaka
DLGN Dhalgaon Dhalgaon
DHRY Dhalpukhuri Dhalpukhuri
DMGN Dhamalgaon Dhamalgaon
DMN Dhamangaon Dhamangaon 18
DHT Dhamara Ghat Dhamara Ghat 2
DDX Dhamdhamia Dhamdhamia
DAM Dhamora Dhamora
DPR Dhampur Dhampur 16
DXK Dhana Kherli Dhana Kherli
DNK Dhanakya Dhanakya
DIR Dhanapur Orissa Dhanapur Orissa 2
DN Dhanari Dhanari 1
DNRE Dhanauri Dhanauri 2
DHN Dhanbad Junction Dhanbad 60
DDL Dhandari Kalan Dhandari Kalan 4
DNRA Dhandhera Dhandhera
DQN Dhanera Dhanera
DAN Dhaneta Dhaneta
DNM Dhanmandal Dhanmandal 2
DNX Dhansu Dhansu
DAVM Dhanuvachapuram Dhanuvachapuram 1
DPW Dhapewara Dhapewara
DML Dharamtul Dharamtul
DXG Dharangaon Dharangaon 2
DRS Dhareshwar Dhareshwar
DRW Dharewada Dharewada
DRH Dharhara Dharhara 14
DHW Dhariwal Dhariwal 5
DAB Dharmabad Dharmabad 8
DMR Dharmanagar Dharmanagar
DPJ Dharmapuri Dharmapuri 12
DMM Dharmavaram Junction Dharmavaram Junction 39
DMP Dharmpur Hmchl Dharmpur Hmchl 4
DHR Dharnaoda Dharnaoda
DIH Dharuadihi Dharuadihi
DRR Dharur Dharur
DWR Dharwar Dharwar 29
DAS Dhasa Junction Dhasa Junction
DTAE Dhatrigram Dhatrigram
DHO Dhaulpur Dhaulpur 31
DWLE Dhauni Dhauni 2
DUA Dhaura Dhaura 9
DHS Dhavalas Dhavalas
DHA Dheena Dheena 2
DKJR Dhekiajili Road Dhekiajili Road
DWD Dhekvad Dhekvad
DMC Dhemaji Dhemaji 1
DGPP Dhengli Pp Goan Dhengli Pp Goan
DNKL Dhenkanal Dhenkanal 17
DGW Dhigawara Dhigawara
DIW Dhilwan Dhilwan 4
DHND Dhinda Dhinda
DHRR Dhirera Dhirera 4
DOD Dhodhar Dhodhar 2
DOH Dhodra Mohar Dhodra Mohar
DKY Dhoki Dhoki
DLJ Dhola Junction Dhola Junction 2
DOL Dholi Dholi 16
DPK Dholipal Dholipal
DNDI Dhondi Dhondi
DNC Dhone Dhone 22
DHNE Dhone Dhone
DJI Dhoraji Dhoraji
DHG Dhrangdhra Dhrangdhra 12
DKRA Dhuankheri Dhuankheri
DBB Dhubri Dhubri
DHU Dhubulia Dhubulia
DHI Dhule Dhule 1
DGT Dhulghat Dhulghat
DGLE Dhulian Ganga Dhulian Ganga 4
DKT Dhulkot Dhulkot 4
DQG Dhupguri Dhupguri 30
DUI Dhuri Junction Dhuri Junction 25
DRSN Dhurwasin Dhurwasin 3
DTV Dhutra Dhutra
DBLG Dibolong Dibolong
DBRG Dibrugarh Dibrugarh
DBRT Dibrugarh Town Dibrugarh 12
DIA Didwana Didwana 1
DGU Digaru Digaru 2
DBY Digboi Digboi 1
DGHA Digha Flag Stn Digha Flag Stn 4
DGA Dighwara Dighwara 24
DXD Digod Digod
DMT Diguvametta Diguvametta
DKE Dihakho Dihakho 2
DJB Dijaobra Dijaobra 2
DIL Dilawarnagar Dilawarnagar 3
DLN Dildarnagar Junction Dildarnagar Junction 30
DMK Dilmili Dilmili 2
DLW Dilwa Dilwa 1
DMV Dimapur Dimapur 18
DNN Dina Nagar Dina Nagar 5
DG Dindigul Junction Dindigul Junction 40
DPU Diphu Diphu 18
DPLN Diplana Diplana 1
DISA Disa Disa 1
DTC Ditokcherra Ditokcherra 2
DIVA Diva Diva
DINR Divine Nagar Divine Nagar 7
DWV Diwankhavati Diwankhavati
DTRD Diyatara Road Diyatara Road
DEOR Diyodar Diyodar
DBU Dodballapur Dodballapur 8
DBL Dodbele Dodbele
DHE Dodhi Dodhi
DKLU Doikallu Doikallu 1
DWO Doiwala Doiwala 10
DKWA Dokwa Dokwa
DMG Domingarh Domingarh 2
DKD Donakonda Donakonda 6
DDE Dondaicha Dondaicha 8
DGG Dongargarh Dongargarh 25
DNV Donkinavalasa Donkinavalasa 1
DOA Doraha Doraha 11
DKJ Dornakal Junction Dornakal Junction 23
DSD Dosvada Dosvada
DUBH Dubaha Dubaha 2
DUJ Dubrajpur Dubrajpur 2
DXN Duddhinagar Duddhinagar 10
DUD Dudhani Dudhani 10
DKX Dudhwakhara Dudhwakhara 4
DUN Duganpur Duganpur
DIG Duggirala Duggirala 8
DJG Duliajan Duliajan 4
DLR Dullahapur Dullahapur 7
DUS Dulrasar Dulrasar 1
DDJ Dum Dum Dum Dum
DY Dumariya Dumariya
DUMK Dumka Dumka
DURE Dumraon Dumraon 24
DMBR Dumri Bihar Dumri Bihar 1
DMRX Dumri Halt Dumri Halt 2
DRI Dumri Juara Dumri Juara
DMLE Dumurdaha Dumurdaha
DMRT Dumuriput Dumuriput
DDCE Dundi Dundi 2
DOB Dundlod Mkdgrh Dundlod Mkdgrh 2
DNRP Dungarpur Dungarpur 2
DGI Dungri Dungri 2
DJX Dungripali Dungripali
DDA Duraundha Junction Duraundha Junction 8
DURG Durg Durg 65
DGDG Durgada Gate Durgada Gate
DGR Durgapur Durgapur 82
DPA Durgapura Durgapura 8
DGO Durgauti Durgauti 2
DAJ Duroji Duroji 1
DUSI Dusi Dusi 2
DVD Duvvada Duvvada 28
DWP Dwarapudi Dwarapudi 17
DWK Dwarka Dwarka 16
EVA Edavai Edavai
EDD Edduladoddi Edduladoddi
EKM Ekambarakuppam Ekambarakuppam 7
EKR Ekangarsarai Ekangarsarai 2
EKC Ekchari Ekchari 8
EKI Eklakhi Eklakhi 1
EM Ekma Ekma 11
EKMA Ekma Ekma
ELM Elimala Elimala 2
YLM Ellamanchili Ellamanchili 18
ENB Ellenabad Ellenabad 3
EE Eluru Eluru 48
ERS Eranakulam Junction Kochi 68
ERL Eraniel Eraniel 8
ERN Ernakulam Town Kochi 50
ED Erode Junction Erode Junction 104
YP Errupalem Errupalem 4
ETW Etawah Etawah 54
ETUE Etmadpur Etmadpur 1
ETP Ettapur Road Ettapur Road
ETM Ettumanur Ettumanur 4
EKN Ezhukone Ezhukone
FD Faizabad Junction Faizabad Junction 40
FYZ Faizullapur Faizullapur 2
FKB Fakhrabad Fakhrabad
FKM Fakiragram Junction Fakiragram Junction 10
FLK Falakata Falakata 8
FA Falna Falna 33
FHT Farah Town Farah Town 2
FDB Faridabad Faridabad 56
FDN Faridabad Nw Tn Faridabad Nw Tn 2
FDK Faridkot Faridkot 10
FBD Farrukhabad Farrukhabad 2
FSP Fateh Singhpura Fateh Singhpura
FTD Fatehabad Ch.Jn Fatehabad Ch.Jn
FGR Fatehgarh Fatehgarh 2
FGSB Fatehgarh Sahib Fatehgarh Sahib 3
FAN Fatehnagar Fatehnagar
FTP Fatehpur Fatehpur 27
FTS Fatehpur Sikri Fatehpur Sikri 4
FPS Fatehpur Skhwti Fatehpur Skhwti 4
FUT Fatwa Fatwa 43
FZL Fazalpur Fazalpur
FKA Fazilka Fazilka
FK Ferok Ferok 20
FZD Firozabad Firozabad 34
FZR Firozpur Cant Firozpur Cant 12
FZP Firozpur City Firozpur City
FBG Forbesganj Forbesganj
FKG Furkating Junction Furkating Junction 12
FTG Fursatganj Fursatganj 4
GDPL G Pochampalli G Pochampalli
GRCP G.Ramachandrapu G.Ramachandrapu
GCH Gachhipura Gachhipura 2
GHLE Gadadharpur Gadadharpur
GDG Gadag Junction Gadag Junction 13
GAR Gadarwara Gadarwara 23
GDW Gadhwala Gadhwala
GNR Gadiganuru Gadiganuru
GWD Gadwal Gadwal 16
GLTA Gahlota Gahlota
GMR Gahmar Gahmar 12
GAE Gaipura Gaipura 2
GPI Gajapatinagaram Gajapatinagaram 1
GJJ Gajjelakonda Gajjelakonda
GJN Gajner Gajner 2
GJL Gajraula Junction Gajraula 16
GJS Gajsinghpur Gajsinghpur
GAGA Galgalia Galgalia
GUD Galudih Galudih 4
GRF Gambhiri Road Gambhiri Road
GMH Gamharia Gamharia 2
GUR Ganagapur Road Ganagapur Road 8
GNU Ganaur Ganaur 15
GIMB Gandhidham Bg Gandhidham Bg 11
GIM Gandhidham Junction. Gandhidham Junction. 3
GNC Gandhinagar Cap Gandhinagar Cap 2
GADJ Gandhinagar Jpr Gandhinagar Jpr 20
GHPU Gandhipuram Hal Gandhipuram Hal
GNST Gandhismriti Gandhismriti
GAJ Ganeshganj Ganeshganj 4
GGAR Gangadhara Gangadhara
GNGD Gangadharpur Gangadharpur 4
GANG Gangaganj Gangaganj 3
GAG Gangaghat Gangaghat 1
GJ Gangajhari Gangajhari
GNH Gangakher Gangakher 4
GNNA Gangani Gangani
GGC Gangapur City Gangapur City 28
GRMP Gangarampur Gangarampur 1
GNW Gangiwara Gangiwara
GGR Gangrar Gangrar 2
GJUT Gangsar Jaitu Gangsar Jaitu 10
BAQ Ganj Basoda Ganj Basoda 30
GWA Ganj Dundwara Ganj Dundwara
GAM Ganjam Ganjam 6
GALE Gankar Gankar
GWM Gannavaram Gannavaram 1
GRB Garh Dhrubeswar Garh Dhrubeswar
GUG Garh Jaipur Garh Jaipur
GHX Garhara Garhara 2
GBA Garhbeta Garhbeta 4
GHH Garhi Harsaru Garhi Harsaru 9
GRMR Garhi Manikpur Garhi Manikpur 9
GMS Garhmuktesar Garhmuktesar 10
GGB Garhmuktesar Br Garhmuktesar Br
GHQ Garhwa Garhwa 12
GFAE Garifa Garifa
GVI Garividi Garividi 2
GLA Garla Garla 4
GDE Garladinne Garladinne
GOH Garot Garot 6
GPH Garpos Garpos 6
GRBL Garudubilli Garudubilli 1
GHD Garwa Road Garwa Road 22
GTW Gatora Gatora 1
GRX Gaura Gaura 2
GB Gauri Bazar Gauri Bazar 10
GBD Gauribidanur Gauribidanur 9
GNG Gauriganj Gauriganj 14
GUP Gauripur Gauripur
GWS Gaushala Gaushala 1
GATD Gautamdhara Gautamdhara
GTST Gautamsthan Gautamsthan
GAYA Gaya Junction Gaya Junction 67
GBE Gayabari Gayabari 2
GZO Gazole Gazole 1
GZL Gazulapalli Gazulapalli
GEDE Gede Gede
GEK Gegal Akhri Gegal Akhri
GER Geratpur Geratpur
GTJT Getor Jagatpura Getor Jagatpura 4
GAD Gevra Road Gevra Road 1
GELA Ghadela Ghadela
GHG Ghagghar Ghagghar 3
GHGL Ghagwal Ghagwal 4
GANL Ghanauli Ghanauli 3
GNP Ghanpur Ghanpur 8
GHNH Ghantikhal Ndpr Ghantikhal Ndpr 1
GRA Gharaunda Gharaunda 3
GSO Ghaso Ghaso 2
GTU Ghat Nandur Ghat Nandur
GKB Ghataka Varana Ghataka Varana
GTM Ghatampur Ghatampur 2
GEA Ghatera Ghatera 2
GT Ghatkesar Ghatkesar
GPB Ghatprabha Ghatprabha 18
GTS Ghatsila Ghatsila 15
GZB Ghaziabad Ghaziabad 104
GCT Ghazipur City Ghazipur City 21
GGA Ghoga Ghoga 6
GDX Ghoksadanga Ghoksadanga 2
GVD Gholvad Gholvad 2
GNS Ghonsor Ghonsor
GDYA Ghoradongri Ghoradongri 36
GRWD Ghorawadi Ghorawadi
GPR Ghorpuri Ghorpuri 6
GSD Ghosunda Ghosunda
GH Ghughuli Ghughuli 3
GHUM Ghum Ghum 4
GGT Ghunghuti Ghunghuti 2
GTK Ghutku Ghutku 4
GIZ Gidam Gidam 2
GID Giddalur Giddalur 6
GDB Giddarbaha Giddarbaha 9
GHR Gidhaur Gidhaur 11
GII Gidni Gidni 2
GILL Gill Gill
GIN Ginigera Ginigera
GRD Giridih Giridih 1
GMDN Girimaidan Girimaidan 2
GW Girwar Girwar 2
GADH Goaldih Goaldih
GLPT Goalpara Town Goalpara Town 6
GDQ Godamgura Godamgura
GVN Godavari Godavari 5
GDA Godhra Junction Godhra 40
GAMI Gogameri Gogameri 1
PDKN Gogamukh Gogamukh
GOM Gogamukh Gogamukh 1
GOA Gohad Road Gohad Road 2
GHNA Gohana Gohana 1
GPZ Gohpur Gohpur 2
GOL Goilkera Goilkera 6
GKK Gokak Road Gokak Road 4
GOK Gokarna Road Gokarna Road 7
GKL Gokulpur Gokulpur
GK Gola Gokaranath Gola Gokaranath 4
GRE Gola Road Gola Road 2
GLGT Golaghat Golaghat
GKJ Golakganj Jn Golakganj Jn
GLNA Golana Halt Golana Halt
GJH Goldinganj Goldinganj
GALG Goldingganj Goldingganj 1
GLP Gollaprolu Gollaprolu 5
GOZ Golsar Golsar 1
GTNR Gomati Nagar Lucknow 9
GMO Gomoh Junction Gomoh Junction 38
GTT Gomta Gomta
GD Gonda Junction Gonda 58
GDL Gondal Gondal 8
G Gondia Junction Gondia Junction 53
GNVR Gondwanavisapur Gondwanavisapur
GNA Goneana Goneana 6
GY Gooty Gooty 41
GOP Gop Jam Gop Jam 2
GPT Gopalapatnam Gopalapatnam
GGM Gora Ghuma Gora Ghuma 2
GRKN Gorakhnath Gorakhnath
GKC Gorakhpur Cant Gorakhpur 4
GKY Gorakhpur City Gorakhpur 2
GKP Gorakhpur Junction Gorakhpur 85
GPJ Gorapur Gorapur 1
GRL Goraul Goraul 8
GRY Goraya Goraya 11
GNO Goregaon Road Goregaon Road
GVR Goresuar Goresuar
GIO Goriyan Goriyan 1
GSPR Gosalpur Gosalpur 4
GGJ Goshainganj Goshainganj 18
GOGH Gossaigaon Hat Gossaigaon Hat 6
GOTN Gotan Gotan 18
GTE Gothaj Gothaj
GTX Gothangam Gothangam
GTLM Gotlam Gotlam 1

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Railway Station Name and Short Code

Knowing the Station Short Code is necessary to speed up the IRCTC ticket booking process. IRCTC constantly asks "From Station or To Station," as shown in the picture. When you are certain of the Station Code you want to go to, you can save a lot of time. If you are certain of the station code, simply enter it in place of the station name in its entirety. With this method, we can book an IRCTC ticket online much more quickly. The following graph displays the most recent station codes and names over all of India.

How to find the Station Code or Station Name on the Chart Provided?

With the station name or station code that you want to search, input it in the following table. Additionally, you can filter the records according to your interests.

Why would you need a station list if the railway enquiry can provide you with the information you need?

  • Busiest Enquiry System :- No doubt, the railway enquiry system is a terrific technique to get a good view of the ideal train and the stops. Busy Enquiry System: But because so many people use this system every day, you might have to wait an eternity for your turn. On the other hand, you may easily get the answers to your questions without requesting any assistance if you have a list of Indian railway stations with you.
  • Information about stations and Nearby Popular Places :- Chances are high that you are unfamiliar with every station in India, whether you are an Indian citizen or an international tourist. A station list gives you a glimpse into different Indian stations and the trains that go to and from these locations in addition to being a tool for online station code inquiries.
  • Recognizing the Station :-  The Indian railway system covers the entire nation. As a result, India has far more railway stations than you could ever conceive. In such a situation, it could be difficult for you to pinpoint the precise trains that pass through the station, unless you are going to make your travel through some particularly essential stations. However, choosing the trains that run through a specific station is simple when crossing a station list.
  • Find Station Code :-  If you're planning to purchase a train ticket online, you must be aware of both your starting station's station code and your final destination's station code. The station list makes it simple to locate the codes for any railway station. Thus, utilizing it will undoubtedly make the process of booking tickets simpler.

By using nexgenirctc.co.in,You can get all the information about train numbers and station codes with the help of its station list, which is comparable to that of the Indian Railways list. It includes a list of all the trains, their train numbers, and the beginning and finishing points for each. You will be taken to a page with details on all the Indian railway stations this train will pass through, along with the station codes, if you click on the train's name.

Along with information on the distance between stations and the length of the journey, you will also receive information on the time of arrival and departure from each station. Additionally, when you click on the name of any station on the train list, a page with all the station's details will open. You will learn about all the trains that depart from or pass through this station, their train numbers, and the days that they run.

The station list created by nexgenirctc.co.in undoubtedly makes it easier to plan a trip because all railway station codes and other crucial information are available with only a click. So, the next time you need to plan a train trip, use nexgenirctc.co.in and its list of stops to make it more convenient and enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):-

1. Where can I find the station code on the station list?

On the station list, the name of each station is listed with the station code in brackets.

2. When will the station list be particularly useful for me?

You would need this list to know the specifics of trains that pass by a local station if you planned to board or depart there.

3. Can I get the train route of a train from the station list?

Yes, you can discover the names of all the trains that begin, pass through, or end at a specific station on a list of stations. You may view the train's route by clicking on the train's name.

4. How can I find the names of the trains that pass through/start/are destined to a particular station?

Click on the name of the station of your preference on the nexgenirctc.co.in created station list. You will be taken to a page with a list of all the trains that begin at, pass through, or end at that station.

5. Why will I need the nexgenirctc.co.in station list?

  • To get the details of all the stations that a train passes through.
  • To check the trains that start from a particular station.
  • To get the train number of the trains starting/passing through a particular station.
  • To get an idea of the trains that are headed to a particular station.