Complete Information about Indian Railway Station Name and Station Code List

The station name identifies the city or railroad station that belongs to Indian Railways. The shortcut code to specify the station name is specified by the railway station short code. All online rail enquiries use this format, as does the IRCTC ticket booking procedure. As a result, we are here to provide a simple table formatted list of all Indian Railway Station Names and Station Codes.

Indian Railways is proud of its extensive network of rail lines that link the country's most remote regions. The fact that the list of Indian Railway stations is not only lengthy but also rather overwhelming should not come as a surprise.

Whether you are an experienced passenger or a novice, you are likely to be confounded when determining which train station would be ideal to board and disembark from during your trip. Even while the Indian Railways Enquiry is always available to assist, if you are not familiar with station codes, etc., it can occasionally put you in a pickle.

Station code. Station name Location Trains passing through
VTM Vetapalemu Vetapalemu 9
BHS Vidisha Vidisha 40
VWA Viduraswattha Viduraswattha
VPDA Vidyapatidham Vidyapatidham
VPN Vidyapatinagar Vidyapatinagar
VDS Vidyasagar Vidyasagar 14
VJF Vijapur Vijapur 2
VJP Vijay Pur Vijay Pur
BZA Vijayawada Junction Vijayawada 170
VJPJ Vijiypur Jammu Vijiypur Jammu 10
VKB Vikarabad Junction Vikarabad Junction 17
VKH Vikhran Road Vikhran Road
VMA Vikramgarh Alot Vikramgarh Alot 20
VRG Vikramnagar Vikramnagar 2
VL Vilad Vilad 1
VID Vilavade Vilavade 2
VYK Vilayatkalan Road Vilayatkalan Road 2
VM Villuparam Junction Villuparam Junction 40
BDL Vindhyachal Vindhyachal 38
VINH Vinhere Vinhere
VKN Vinukonda Vinukonda 6
VG Viramgam Junction Viramgam Junction 56
VRLR Virani Alur Virani Alur
VP Virapur Virapur
VR Virar Mumbai 8
VRV Viravada Viravada
VRVL Viravalli Viravalli 1
VVM Viravasaram Viravasaram 3
VRH Virbhadra Virbhadra 2
VRR Virpur Virpur 2
VPT Virudunagar Junction Virudunagar Junction 26
VPR Visapur Visapur 2
VSKP Vishakapatnam Vishakhapatnam 80
VNUP Vishnupuram Vishnupuram 8
VRB Vishrambag Vishrambag 1
VSI Vishvamitri Vishvamitri 1
VS Vishvamitri Vishvamitri 3
VNE Viswanath Chrli Viswanath Chrli 2
VDL Vithisvarankol Vithisvarankol
VVB Viveka Vihar Viveka Vihar 2
VZM Vizianagram Junction Vizianagram Junction 62
VRI Vridhachalam Junction Vridhachalam Junction 38
VYA Vyara Vyara 3
VYN Vyasnagar Vyasnagar 2
WRC W R S Colony Ph W R S Colony Ph
WKI Wadakancheri Wadakancheri 27
WDG Wadegaon Wadegaon
WC Wadhwan City Wadhwan City
WADI Wadi Wadi 38
WDR Wadiaram Wadiaram 2
WDA Wadrengdisa Wadrengdisa 2
WSA Wadsa Wadsa 4
WDS Wadsinge Wadsinge
WDLN Wadwal Nagnath Wadwal Nagnath
WAIR Wair Wair
WJR Walajah Road Junction Walajah Road Junction 14
WND Wan Road Wan Road
WNG Wanegaon Wanegaon
WANI Wani Wani
WKR Wankaner Junction Wankaner Junction 22
WPR Wanparti Road Wanparti Road 4
WSJ Wansjaliya Wansjaliya 5
WL Warangal Warangal 84
WR Wardha Junction Wardha Junction 37
OYR Waria Waria 7
WRS Waris Aleganj Waris Aleganj 2
WRR Warora Warora 8
WOC Warud Orange Ct Warud Orange Ct
WST Washermanpet Washermanpet
WHM Washim Washim
WSB Washimbe Washimbe
WTR Wathar Wathar 7
WZJ Wazerganj Wazerganj 2
WEL Wellington Wellington 3
WENA Wena Wena 5
WFD Whitefield Whitefield 10
VHGN Wihirgaon Wihirgaon
WIRR Wirur Wirur
WDM Wyndhamganj Wyndhamganj 9
BDVR Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1
YG Yadgir Yadgir 21
YLG Yalvigi Yalvigi 2
JAB Yamuna Bdg Agra Agra 4
YJUD Yamunanagar Jud Yamunanagar Jud
YAL Yataluru Yataluru 1
YDM Yedamangala Yedamangala
YSI Yedshi Yedshi
YNK Yelhanka Junction Bangalore 16
Y Yeliyur Yeliyur
YLK Yellakaru Yellakaru 1
YL Yeola Yeola 5
YPD Yerpedu Yerpedu 1
YA Yerraguntla Yerraguntla 17
YPR Yesvantpur Junction Bangalore 45
YT Yevat Yevat
YFP Yusufpur Yusufpur 13
ZBD Zafarabad Junction Zafarabad Junction 20
ZB Zahirabad Zahirabad 4
ZNA Zamania Zamania 16
ZPI Zampini Zampini
ZPL Zangalapalle Zangalapalle
ZARP Zarap Zarap
ZW Zawar Zawar 2

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Railway Station Name and Short Code

Knowing the Station Short Code is necessary to speed up the IRCTC ticket booking process. IRCTC constantly asks "From Station or To Station," as shown in the picture. When you are certain of the Station Code you want to go to, you can save a lot of time. If you are certain of the station code, simply enter it in place of the station name in its entirety. With this method, we can book an IRCTC ticket online much more quickly. The following graph displays the most recent station codes and names over all of India.

How to find the Station Code or Station Name on the Chart Provided?

With the station name or station code that you want to search, input it in the following table. Additionally, you can filter the records according to your interests.

Why would you need a station list if the railway enquiry can provide you with the information you need?

  • Busiest Enquiry System :- No doubt, the railway enquiry system is a terrific technique to get a good view of the ideal train and the stops. Busy Enquiry System: But because so many people use this system every day, you might have to wait an eternity for your turn. On the other hand, you may easily get the answers to your questions without requesting any assistance if you have a list of Indian railway stations with you.
  • Information about stations and Nearby Popular Places :- Chances are high that you are unfamiliar with every station in India, whether you are an Indian citizen or an international tourist. A station list gives you a glimpse into different Indian stations and the trains that go to and from these locations in addition to being a tool for online station code inquiries.
  • Recognizing the Station :-  The Indian railway system covers the entire nation. As a result, India has far more railway stations than you could ever conceive. In such a situation, it could be difficult for you to pinpoint the precise trains that pass through the station, unless you are going to make your travel through some particularly essential stations. However, choosing the trains that run through a specific station is simple when crossing a station list.
  • Find Station Code :-  If you're planning to purchase a train ticket online, you must be aware of both your starting station's station code and your final destination's station code. The station list makes it simple to locate the codes for any railway station. Thus, utilizing it will undoubtedly make the process of booking tickets simpler.

By using nexgenirctc.co.in,You can get all the information about train numbers and station codes with the help of its station list, which is comparable to that of the Indian Railways list. It includes a list of all the trains, their train numbers, and the beginning and finishing points for each. You will be taken to a page with details on all the Indian railway stations this train will pass through, along with the station codes, if you click on the train's name.

Along with information on the distance between stations and the length of the journey, you will also receive information on the time of arrival and departure from each station. Additionally, when you click on the name of any station on the train list, a page with all the station's details will open. You will learn about all the trains that depart from or pass through this station, their train numbers, and the days that they run.

The station list created by nexgenirctc.co.in undoubtedly makes it easier to plan a trip because all railway station codes and other crucial information are available with only a click. So, the next time you need to plan a train trip, use nexgenirctc.co.in and its list of stops to make it more convenient and enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):-

1. Where can I find the station code on the station list?

On the station list, the name of each station is listed with the station code in brackets.

2. When will the station list be particularly useful for me?

You would need this list to know the specifics of trains that pass by a local station if you planned to board or depart there.

3. Can I get the train route of a train from the station list?

Yes, you can discover the names of all the trains that begin, pass through, or end at a specific station on a list of stations. You may view the train's route by clicking on the train's name.

4. How can I find the names of the trains that pass through/start/are destined to a particular station?

Click on the name of the station of your preference on the nexgenirctc.co.in created station list. You will be taken to a page with a list of all the trains that begin at, pass through, or end at that station.

5. Why will I need the nexgenirctc.co.in station list?

  • To get the details of all the stations that a train passes through.
  • To check the trains that start from a particular station.
  • To get the train number of the trains starting/passing through a particular station.
  • To get an idea of the trains that are headed to a particular station.