Hapa Jat Express (12475) Time Table

( M T W T F S S)

Hapa (HAPA) to Jammu Tawi (JAT)

Hapa Jat Express Train root details given below:

In Mins
In KMs
Hapa HAPA 00:00:00 08:30:00 1 0
Rajkot Jn RJT 09:33:00 5m 09:38:00 1 76
Wankaner Jn WKR 10:18:00 2m 10:20:00 1 117.9
Surendranagar Jn SUNR 11:29:00 2m 11:31:00 1 192
Viramgam Jn VG 12:45:00 2m 12:47:00 1 257.5
Ahmedabad Jn ADI 14:10:00 10m 14:20:00 1 322.7
Nadiad Jn ND 15:09:00 2m 15:11:00 1 368.4
Anand Jn ANND 15:25:00 2m 15:27:00 1 387.2
Chhayapuri CYI 16:02:00 5m 16:07:00 1 419.1
Godhra Jn GDA 17:02:00 2m 17:04:00 1 485.2
Dahod DHD 17:52:00 2m 17:54:00 1 558.3
Meghnagar MGN 18:18:00 2m 18:20:00 1 591.5
Ratlam Jn RTM 19:45:00 10m 19:55:00 1 672.2
Nagda Jn NAD 20:46:00 2m 20:48:00 1 713.3
Vikramgarh Alot VMA 21:12:00 2m 21:14:00 1 753.4
Shamgarh SGZ 21:43:00 2m 21:45:00 1 805.1
Ramganj Mandi Jn RMA 22:18:00 2m 22:20:00 1 866.5
Kota Jn KOTA 23:15:00 10m 23:25:00 1 938.7
Sawai Madhopur Jn SWM 00:33:00 2m 00:35:00 2 1046.6
Bharatpur Jn BTE 02:33:00 2m 02:35:00 2 1229.5
Mathura Jn MTJ 03:15:00 5m 03:20:00 2 1263
Hazrat Nizamuddin NZM 05:05:00 2m 05:07:00 2 1397
New Delhi NDLS 05:25:00 15m 05:40:00 2 1404.3
Bhodwal Majri BDMJ 06:32:00 2m 06:34:00 2 1470.7
Panipat Jn PNP 06:42:00 2m 06:44:00 2 1494.1
Ambala Cantt Jn UMB 08:47:00 5m 08:52:00 2 1603.4
Ludhiana Jn LDH 10:18:00 7m 10:25:00 2 1717
Jalandhar Cantt Jn JRC 11:13:00 3m 11:16:00 2 1769.4
Pathankot Cantt PTKC 12:53:00 3m 12:56:00 2 1882
Kathua KTHU 13:25:00 2m 13:27:00 2 1905.2
Jammu Tawi JAT 14:45:00 5m 14:50:00 2 1981.2
Udhampur UHP 16:25:00 2m 16:27:00 2 2034.3
Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra SVDK 17:20:00 00:00:00 2 2059

About Hapa Jat Express

The train Hapa Jat Express is also known as Hapa Jat Express. Hapa Jat Express runs between Hapa and Jammu Tawi Railway Station. It covers the distance of2059 KM in 2 days. Total duration of the train from Hapa to Jammu Tawi Railway Station is 2 days. Hapa Jat Express route covers Hapa(HAPA), Rajkot Jn(RJT), Wankaner Jn(WKR), Surendranagar Jn(SUNR), Viramgam Jn(VG), Ahmedabad Jn(ADI), Nadiad Jn(ND), Anand Jn(ANND), Chhayapuri(CYI), Godhra Jn(GDA), Dahod(DHD), Meghnagar(MGN), Ratlam Jn(RTM), Nagda Jn(NAD), Vikramgarh Alot(VMA), Shamgarh(SGZ), Ramganj Mandi Jn(RMA), Kota Jn(KOTA), Sawai Madhopur Jn(SWM), Bharatpur Jn(BTE), Mathura Jn(MTJ), Hazrat Nizamuddin(NZM), New Delhi(NDLS), Bhodwal Majri(BDMJ), Panipat Jn(PNP), Ambala Cantt Jn(UMB), Ludhiana Jn(LDH), Jalandhar Cantt Jn(JRC), Pathankot Cantt(PTKC), Kathua(KTHU), Jammu Tawi(JAT), Udhampur(UHP), Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra(SVDK) Finally, it arrives at Jammu Tawi Railway Station.

Regarding Hapa Jat Express timings, this train departs at 08:30:00 from the source station to arrive at the destination station at 17:20:00 .

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Hapa Jat Express runs Hapa on a week ( M T W T F S S) . There are 33 stoppages between Hapa and Jammu Tawi Railway Station.

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There are a number of ways to order food on your train journey. You can book a meal in the Indian Railways by calling at 1323, text to 139 or by visiting online IRCTC website and through pantry car. Thali meals, combos, beverages and different varieties of snacks are available. Indian Railways offers concession under differnt category for passengers. It is important to note that this concession can not be availed on the tickets of Suvidha, Garibrath, Humsafar, Gatiman and Vande Bhara trains. Passengers can pay for the food separately as it is not included in the price of Jammu Tawi Mumbai Cst Suvidha Special rail ticket.


From which station train 12475 Hapa Jat Express spl starts from ?

Hapa Jat Express(12475) starts from Hapa station.

What is the maximum halt time of 12475 Hapa Jat Express spl and at New Delhi which station ?

Hapa Jat Express 12475's max halt time is 15m at source station

What is the distance covered by 12475 Hapa Jat Express ?

Hapa Jat Express coveres 2059Km distance from Hapa to Jammu Tawi station.

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