Travel Concessions for Defence and Police

We all know how hard our soldiers work to keep us safe. In return, if our government gives them any facility, it will be less. Because they protect the country with their lives. Keeping this in mind, Indian Railways has specially made a quota for them, which is named Defense Quota. The defense quota is available for the Indian armed forces which include Army, Navy, and Air force. This broad category also includes the paramilitary servicemen quota. Under this defense quota, two seats are reserved for almost every train in India. Tickets for official purposes such as relocation or movement of forces from one region of Nation to another can be booked under the Defense Quota. Individual defence personnel can also use it while returning home or returning to duty after a leave of absence. If passengers want to book tickets in bulk they can present a verified letter from the supervisory officer, booking forms, and photocopies of all travellers’ identification cards to the MCO.

Defence Concessions & Quota Applicable for:

Here is the list of officers who are eligible for this quota:

cadets of the National Defence Academy or Air Force College or Naval Training Establishment,

Military officers, 

Warrant Officers,

Junior Commissioned Officers, 

Chief Jetty Officers of the Navy,

military pensioners travelling to Regimental Reunions

Non-combatants in the Defence Forces

and members of the Military Nursing Services are all eligible.

Indian railways provide a number of incentives to military widows in order to acknowledge the ultimate sacrifice of our heroic martyrs. Any battle widow travelling by Indian train receives a 75 percent discount in the Second and Sleeper classes. Widows of paramilitary and other defence personnel died in action against terrorists and extremists, I.P.K.F. troops killed in battle in Sri Lanka, and martyrs of Operation Vijay are all eligible for the same concession (75 percent in the Second and Sleeper classes) (in Kargil). 

Concessions for Widows of Gallantry Award Winners

Winners of bravery awards such as the Param Vir Chakra, Shourya Chakra, Ashok Chakra, Maha Vir Chakra, Kirti Chakra, and Vir Chakra are eligible for free travel in First and Second AC classes. Now one thing you should know is that this facility can only be availed by showing the award certificates or an identity card issued by KSB during the booking process.

Concessions for Indian Police Officers

Now let’s talk about those brave people who protect our city and area. Yes, we are talking about police officers. Indian railway has provided them some benefits too. By completing a booking form at the Headquarters, verified by Reserve Inspectors or Sub-Inspectors, together with their identity card, police officers on duty can get a big discount.

Concessions for Police Award Winners

Concessions are available for those who have received the President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service or the Indian Police Award for Meritorious Service. The male police officer can get a 50% discount while female police officers can get a 60% discount.

Widows of police officers 

Widows of brave police officers who gave their lives in the line of duty in the fight against radicals or terrorists are eligible for a 75 percent discount in the second and sleeper classes while travelling for any reason.

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