AC 3 Economy Class: Will it Redefine Train Travel in India?

For passenger’s convenient travelling experience Indian railway has started the first AC 3 tier Economy Class for North Central Railway Zone. The cheapest AC train is Train Number 02403 Prayagraj-Jaipur (Daily) Special Express with AC 3 tier economy carriage. These trains are expected to change the travel experience of Indian railway passengers, with fares that are 8% lower than the usual AC 3 tier class.

Now Indian railway has announced more AC 3 tier coaches would be added to seven other trains, redefining Indian train travel. This new step by Indian Railways will be a game-changer because it would provide a better travelling experience to the general public who cannot afford to travel in air-conditioned coaches at a hefty cost.

Here is the list of the train that will be provided with a three-tiered air-conditioned economy coach with top amenities:

  • Train Number 02511 Gorakhpur-Kochuveli Express
  • Lokmanya Tilak(T)-Faizabad Express
  • Train Number 15023 Gorakhpur-Yesvantpur Express
  • Lokmanya Tilak(T)-Gorakhpur Express
  • Train Number 12589 Gorakhpur-Secunderabad Express
  • Lokmanya Tilak(T)-SultanPur Express
  • Lokmanya Tilak(T)-Chapra Express
  • Lokmanya Tilak(T)-Varanasi Express

AC-3 Tier Economy Coaches – Designed for India’s Common People

Almost every Indian has dreamed to travel in AC class but not everyone can afford it. The fair of this coach is 8% less than the existing AC coach ticket. Indian railway believes that these people are their potential customers. The passengers who prefer sleeper class over AC cause of its fare can go for this coach.

Comfortable AC coaches at the Price of an Economy Class Ticket

This is good news for those travelers who wanted to travel in AC but were unable to travel, due to its higher fare. Now they can take an AC coach ride at the price of sleeper class. The AC 3 economy class cost is determined by the number of kilometres covered by the train. Children in the AC-3 economy class, will pay the same as adults in the AC class, and the cancellation and refund policies will be comparable to those for AC coach tickets.

Price                                                Km


400                                             300 km


500                                             491-500 km


908                                             741-750 km


1102                                           991-1000 km


1431                                           1476 -1500 km


The cheapest ticket is Rs 440 for up to 300 kilometres, while the most costly ticket is Rs 4,951 for up to 5000 kilometres. The low-cost AC 3 is expected to boost Indian Railways’ earnings.

Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan has a special provision for Divyangjan

‘Sugyam Bharat Abhiyan’ is an Indian railway scheme that was started for disabled people. Under this scheme AC 3 economy coaches, in each compartment, there are disabled-friendly lavatories and seating. The wheelchair arrangement is also available for easy entry and exit of disabled passengers. Additionally, for the convenience of Divyanjan passengers, seat numbers and directions have been provided in the Braille script.

In upcoming years new AC 3 economy coach will have larger doors and facilities for disabled travelers to make a more comfortable journey.

The AC3 Economy Coach is equipped with foot-operated basins to prevent contamination

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, each coach now has hands-free washing basins to avoid touching the handle every time. Passengers must use their feet to press the pedal to obtain water and cleaning soap from the numerous dispensers.

Here are a few more features of the AC 3 Economy Class

  1. The conventional AC 3 coach is able to carry 72 passengers but AC 3 tier economic coach is capable of carrying 83 passengers which makes it better.
  2. The old navy blue theme was kind of old-fashioned and boring so the theme color of each coach is “Beige” (Pale Sandy color).
  3. To prevent head injuries, the new economy class AC coaches have additional headroom between the bottom and middle berths.
  4. An information system is installed in each coach to show passengers route information, train running status, and other information.
  5. Every berth comes with folding eating tables, reading lamps, and illuminated berth numbers.
  6. A smoke detector also has been installed in every coach for the safety of the passengers.

Target to make 800 AC 3 Coaches by the Year 2022

Indian Railways has planned to build 800 AC 3 budget coaches under the scheme. The Modern Coach Factory, Integral Coach Factory, and Rail Coach Factory will produce the coaches at various locations. According to sources, All AC 3 economy coaches are expected to be in service by 2022.

Train coaches for Gareeb Rath will be upgraded to AC 3 tier

All conventional ICF layout coaches will be replaced by improved LHB coaches over the next few years, according to Indian Railways’ plans. So the gareeb rath coaches will be converted into economic 3 AC coaches.

Difference between the AC 3 Tier and AC 3 Tier Economy Class

If we talk about the main difference between AC 3 Tier and AC 3 Tier Economy Class. Then the main factors that differentiate them are fare, interior, amenities and facilities, and berths. The AC 3 economy coach is built on an LHB platform, whereas the regular AC 3 tier is built on an ICF platform.

If we talk about the fare, then the new economy AC 3 tier coach is 8 times cheaper than the standard AC 3 tier ticket. In addition, compared to the traditional AC 3 tier coach, the new coach features 11 extra berths. 

What are the main benefits of having a new AC 3 tier?

When we talk about the benefits of having AC 3 tier, the first thing that comes to mind is that this is 8% cheaper than AC 3 Tier Economy Class. Those who wish to travel in AC class but can not travel due to its fare can now travel into AC without spending too much. Because the fare of this coach is slightly more than sleeper class and lower than conventional AC 3 class.

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